In the America Got Talent S Show, a brilliant dog was taken.


A dog can talk like a human being. It is very unbelievable. Even a dog can sing a song like a human being. The dog knows different types of languages like English, Spanish, etc.Even a dog can sound like a cat. This is very funny and brilliant act of the dog.

The dog owner asks the dog: Do you think I am stupid?

Dog replied that yes.

In this dog reply the audience as well as a judge cannot stop their laugh.



A parrot can easily talk what a human being says to him.

A parrot easily sing a song in the talent show. Similarly, he makes sound the chicken, beef, sheep, kitty and of other animals.

A parrot can cry and laugh in a minutes.


A hen starts a piano with its mouth. It made a very beautiful and soothing sound that lure all the audience and the judges in the talent show. Without any instruction of its owner it performs very well in the talent show.


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