There is famous saying that “money famous saying that “money can’t purchase love” may also seem not relevant in nowadays’s materialistic society, however the opposite came about to a wealthy man from China after his marriage thought turned into rejected with the aid of his girlfriend.

Armed with an ultra-modern Lamborghini and a massive bouquet of roses, the person from Changsha, Hunan province had planned a surreal marriage idea for his girl friend.

On October 20, the man carried out his elaborated plan outside Wanda Plaza shopping complex with balloons, roses, and even fireworks.

Unfortunately, after staging the inspiration to his dream girl, the person turned into rejected, which caused him to throw a tantrum in public.

Nearby media outlet, Xuehua reported that the person called the woman to come to meet outside the purchasing complicated at 3 pm.

The video shows the man dropping on his knee with the flower bouquet in his hand as he proposes to his dream girl

“I have money, I bought your favorite sports car for you,” the man can be heard saying in Chinese.

While onlookers gather around them to witness what would have been a romantic moment, the girl is listened politely rejecting the man in English, “I’m so sorry, I don’t want to. I’m so sorry.” before leaving the scene.

The video later shows the man lost his temper as he threw the large flower bouquet on the ground and knocking over products on display in the plaza after the rejection

The video went wild on social media as netizens were surprised after the girl’s rejection over a fancy marriage proposal, but most of them understood her reason after seeing the man’s attitude