In this busy and materialist world we are unhappy what we have. We ourself curse for the unavailability of the wish that we want. We never see those people who are working hard for their success and also we ignore those people who are working hard for the fulfillment of the basic needs. Even though they work hard they are not able to  join their hand to mouth and also they are homeless.

We forget to see those unfortunate people who are struggling in the road for the home and food. For this reason we are very fortunate and we should be grateful for god for bringing us in this beautiful world. Once a time a warm heart women help the homeless people and change his attitude of living which is marvelous and lesson for other people.

Once upon a time day, while Casey Fischer was walking to Dunkin’ Donuts, she noticed a homeless man  was singing  with the tingling sound  of bowl and  and spoon on the roadside..  A moments later, the homeless man walked into the same Dunkin’ Donuts  where she was sitting in.

Casey Fischer’s Facebook photo

Casey shaw a man bowl that he can manage only 1 dollar so she bought him a bagel and a cup of coffee. At that time, man is feeing odd to take and reject her offer but she force him and accept her offer.



At the same time, she ask him to share the same table and started conversation between them.The homeless man name is Chris and told her he was surprised at Casey’s kind gesture for emotional reasons. Many people used to looked down her because of his homeless fortune.

The hatred and constant humiliation he received from the public had somehow thrown him into depression and paranoia.

He further express his life event that, this all current situation comes because of being addicted on drugs and he is feeling very bad and regret for this situation.However, Chris still harboured dreams of becoming a son that his mother could have been proud of.

Chris’s mother had passed away from cancer a long time ago but it never stopped him from dreaming to fulfill his promises to her.

Chris and Casey talked for more than an hour and Casey realized that she needed to go back to her class. Just before she left, Chris told her to wait for a while as he scribbled on a wrinkled receipt and pushed the note into her hand. He apologised for his messy handwriting before they parted their ways.

When Casey unfolded the receipt, she realised that her simple gesture had meant so much more than just feeding a homeless a coffee and a bagel. There, on Chris’s note, he wrote: “I wanted to kill myself today. Because of you now I do not. Thank u, beautiful person.”

Post of the warm heart women Casey on her facebook wall.



today I went to Dunkin and saw a clearly homeless guy singing on the side of the road and picking up change. Eventually…

Gepostet von Casey Fischer am Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015


today I went to Dunkin and saw a clearly homeless guy singing on the side of the road and picking up change. Eventually I saw him stroll into Dunkin, as he was counting his change to buy something I began to get super annoying and talk to him over and over again even when he didn’t really want to talk. Since he had maybe $1 in change I bought him a coffee and bagel and asked him to sit down with me. He told me a lot about how people are usually very mean to him because he’s homeless, how drugs turned him into the person he hated, he lost his mom to cancer, he never knew his dad and he just wants to be someone his mom would be proud of (along with another hours worth of conversation.) this lovely mans name was Chris and Chris was one of the most honest & sincere people I’ve ever met. After realizing I really need to get back to class Chris asked me to wait so he can write something down for me. Handing me a crumpled up receipt he apologizes for having shaky hand writing, smiled, and left. I opened his note and this was it. “I wanted to kill myself today because of u I now do not. Thank u, beautiful person.”

Sometimes, we never know that the smallest action could have the biggest impact on someone’s life. In Casey’s story, all she could do was to give a human nature love and sympathy with a homeless man but little did she know that her kind gesture had stopped him from taking his own life that day.


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