The annual Eurasia canine display in Moscow, Russia is one of the famous competitions for canine proprietors to expose off their proficient dogs making adorable tricks and dances.

The competition has been held for the reason that 1989 and it also capabilities Musical Freestyle opposition where the dog does magnificent tricks and a mixture of dance and obedience education.

Like this fluffy dog who has absolutely mesmerized everybody inside the target audience together with his adorable tricks and cute dances.

In the video, the dog can be seen obediently following his owner’s every movement as she gives subtle signals.

The dog which has been educated to be alert to her indicators does no longer have a hassle to perform all the tricks to win the judges’ and the group’s heart.

From twirling, jumping bowing and rolling, the dog gives an amazing performance along with his owner by his side.

Some of the tricks are not easy to be done but the canine proves his agility and talent in front of the crowd.

No longer to neglect his dapper-looking appearance together with his adorable bow accent.

The performance is certainly the end result of difficult work and consistent schooling but it seems that both the dog and the owner are genuinely enjoying their overall performance.

Watch this genius dog performing alongside his owner in this video here and share it to your friends.




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