Maximum couples choose extravagant wedding ceremony outfits and wonderful locations for his or her pre-wedding photoshoot but not for this couple.

For bride-to-be Sunita Salaemae and her fiancé, Adeelan Salae, they’re content with their work uniform and a rubber plantation because the backdrop for their pre-wedding photos.

Sunita who works as a nurse in Thailand is set to tie the knot with the love of her life, Adeelan, soon.

Adeelan works on a farm, most probable in a rubber plantation primarily based on their pre-wedding photo shoot vicinity.

Their pre-wedding photos are shot by photographer Yusree Yusohem.

Regardless of they wearing a very easy outfit and a humble preference of place, their lovely pre-wedding pix have long gone viral on social media.

Many people share their feedback on the couple’s smart choice not to spend lavishly on their pre-wedding photo shoot.

According to photographer Yusree, the couple who is madly in love with each other obviously does not choose their life partner based on looks or wealth.

“Love doesn’t depend on career but depends on taking care of each other,” the photographer wrote on his Facebook post.

When their pre-wedding ceremony pictures first published on facebook, they speedily receive thousands of likes. To this point, the pics have obtained 15,000 likes.

Their simple yet meaningful and tasty pre-wedding snap shots show how plenty this couple treasures every different.

The look in their eyes simply tells that both the bride-to-be and groom-to-be sincerely love one another

We sincerely wish that the couple will have a long and blissful marriage.



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