When marriage gets full of blessing and happiness, then nothing can be compared with any types of joy. These blessings and happiness is having a baby in a couple’s life.

For this couple, they have waited for 9 years to have a baby, but the wish seems to be gone away as time passes by way of due to infertility problems.

After considering their health and infertility issue they have gone into the decision of adopting the baby in their life. Considering adopting a baby is also very long  and complicated process, but also they do not lose hope. They got a call from the agency telling them that their application got through after waiting for years.

The couple, Dennis and Carita Chen shared their adoption journey on their weblog and the way they had been decided to come to be parents after suffering for 9 years with infertility.

One day, the couple received the long-awaited call from the agency company that they would quickly get to meet their child for the first time. Then they feel that they got unlimited happiness.

The heartwarming video follows the couple’s journey to satisfy their toddler son for the primary time at the Hospital.

Throughout the video, the couple shares an intimate moment when they are both excited and nervous to meet their son for the first time.

In the video, Dennis shares how he feels that the whole adoption process seems quite a surreal mix of dream and reality when the couple is on their way to the hospital.

However, when a nurse asks how he feels meeting his son for the first time, he becomes overwhelmed knowing that it is no longer just a dream to become a parent.

It’s far surely emotional whilst the couple in the end meets their infant son for the first time as there is not a dry eye in the room.

The couple named their handsome and healthy baby boy is Jacob.

Tears overwhelm everyone, including the nurses as Dennis cradles Baby Jacob in his arms.

This adoption story will melt your heart, definitely.

Watch the Chens’ heartwarming journey to meet their baby son for the first time here


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