When you get the creative teacher, everyone love to attend the class. A teacher from Sinaloa, Mexico got the best way to welcome her students in class. You will be amazed to know that, she has different personalised greeting to her each students. This creative teacher is now viral over the social media for using different customized and personalised greeting before she start her class.

She gives all her students with customized greeting, all totally unique to each other.

According to the teacher, she thinks that it is very important for students to feel comfortable in the school. students should have sense of belonging to the school. Therefore she has created the personalised welcome greeting for each and every students.

Each and every day, she spend some times with their students in Greeting them at the start of class.

The teacher has designed creatives handshakes, bumps to high-five. The teacher os seen giving hig to their students at the end of the greeting. Isn’t that lovely?

The most important part, we can see students loving their greeting and do personalised greeting before class. I wish every school get such a creative teacher.

The video was first posted on Facebook and it was watched by many people. We can see people appreciating teacher creative ideas via comments and share. Even i am thinking, I wish i had teachers like hers. You can watch the heartwarming videos from below.


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