It is a symbol of affluence when a person says they own an island because only the extremely rich can afford to own an entire land form.

But, that is not the case when it comes to this particular island located along the Saint Lawrence River which is situated between New York and Ontario, Canada.


Just Room Enough Island is the world’s smallest inhabited island and it is owned by the Sizeland family.

When islands get really small they sometimes barely even count as islands, and so some places actually have criteria that the landforms must meet to be officially considered islands, and not just tiny little scraps of land.

In order to meet the specifications, the Sizelands made an effort to bring in a tree onto the island and set up a front lawn so their home on the water can officially be considered as an island.

This conservative 3,300 sq ft land based in the water is just enough for a house and a tree. It was supposed to be a cozy little space for the family but since the island has been named the smallest island in the world, the Sizeland’s home has become a tourist spot.


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