We have compiles top 10 life hacks for smart women which will make your life bit easier. This life hacks will be needed when you go through these glitches below. We have seen, life can be harder sometimes when you get these issue. Check below the list of glitches and their hacks.

1. Fading Jeans

To prevent fading of your jeans pant, you can simply soak your new Jeans in Salt and Water solution for a few hours. After it, you can wash it with washing machine. If you use this awesome hack, your jeans pant will look like brand new even after washing it more than 100 times. Just try it!

2. Mosquito bite

It might be irritating and itchiness when you are bittern with mosquito. Just use mild soap and warm water to wash the affected area. It will reduce your pain.

3. Mildew smell on clothes

Do you want to get rid of clothes smell unpleasantly? Just put a block of soap inside your wardrobe and you will end up with your clothes smelling very fresh.

4. Whitening teeth

Slice a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Then, mix the juice with baking soda and stir it in. Look ahead to 5 mins. Now put the mixture on your teeth and leave it for a while. After a few minutes, you will discover the yellowish stain to your tooth has long gone.

5. Unshrink sweater

Looking to un shrink your sweater? Just follow the below steps.
Fill your sink with lukewarm water and upload in a capful of child shampoo or hair conditioner. Then, soak your sweater in the answer for 10 mins. After that, lightly squeeze the sweater and put off extra water. Do now not rinse it with clean water. The sweater should be damp but no longer wet. lightly lay the sweater on a flat, dry towel and slowly stretch it at the same time as it’s far damp. allow it lay flat till it dries.

6. Coffee stains in Mugs

Simply Mix 1 Table Spoon of baking soda and a drop vinegar in the stained mug. Now you can add a drop of dish soap. Brush or wipe the stained mug with a wet cloth or old toothbrush. You will be amazed to see your’s mugs.

7. Peeling oranges

Don’t know how to peel oranges? simply cut both ends of an orange and cut into the middle of the orange and voila! Isn’t that very easy. Try this next time.

8. Stained handbags

Want to get rid of stained handbags? Just follow the simple steps below.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline onto the stain and wipe the area with a dry cloth. If it is a leather bag, you must use a specific cleaning solution or else you might risk ruining the leather. Try this with great care in case of leather bag.

9. Leakproof bottles

Whether it is for a experience or a short day trip, avoid spillage on your garments or your purse through setting a layer of cling film to the mouth of the bottle and seal it tightly. I am sure this will leakproof your bottles.

10. Fold a shirt in seconds

I hope this 10 hack will make your life easier in case you end up with those above glitches.


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