Every girl is beautiful either they are slim or obese, but there is the need of the right person to see her beauty.

This is the story of South Korean girl Jini. One day her boy friend took her in front of the mirror and  told her “to look  at herself”.  The ridiculous way of requesting embrace girl.

At that time she was around 100 kg and her boyfriend told her to do exercise and not to be so fat. The way of telling the fact is not good and heart broke of the girl.

After some weeks they broke their relationship and girl realized that she should lose her weight and needs to be fitted. This is not for him, but for her healthy lifestyle and healthy body.

Jini take decision to avoid all the bad cholesterol from her food in order to avoid heart problems and clogged blood vessels.
The weight loss journey has inspired and take attention all people in the world.

Jenni has change her lifestyle, habits, trend of going gym and healthy diet.
She has loose 50 kg and felt better than before.

She started to do blogging for recording her progress report of weight loss journey and now it is used to share her delicious and healthy food recipes.

The picture of Jini can assume that she is over sized not the normal size girl. She had included chicken in her diet. She had tried lots of weight loss methods, but attempts failed many times. She continues her weight loss methods and once find the right method. Since then she consistently follows her right method of weight loss journey. The right weight loss method is the sports and the healthy diet.

In her weight loss journey she never used fast food and cook food by herself, prefer fruits for breakfast, half bowl of rice and vegetables for lunch and salad with lean meat for dinner.

In the case of exercise she prefers to have a habits of simple moving a lots so that it can be continued for long runs without boring. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Once this habit is maintained, it’s easier to increase it. She highly recommend to avoid all the sweet and oily food otherwise all the healthy diet recipe and exercise will be no used or just the waste of time and efforts.

She even bought a weighing scale, because seeing the numbers change is very motivating for her.

She said that all this wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t believe in herself.

Jini confessed that her ex-boyfriend tried to get back with her, but this boldness attitude never comes back and she refused his proposal. She is focused on creating a better life for herself, and she believes that she’ll meet Mr. Right someday.

Here is video of Jini about the weight loss journey, do watch and share to your friends.


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